Popular Jewelry and Accessories For Summer 2011

If you are thinking of accessorizing for summer 2011, you may want to know what will be popular now for the summer so you have time to shop. It is always fun to get some accessories for the summertime to make your wardrobe a little more exciting. You may already have clothes from last summer that you can wear this summer, but accessories can be cheap enough that you can buy a few new items for this coming season.Wholesale accessories can be purchased from wholesale distributors either online or in the store. You may have more fun shopping for the wholesale accessories with some girlfriends at the mall, as wholesale distributors make these items available there. One fun new item you can purchase for the summer are feather earrings. You can get them in different colors and styles at many different stores geared towards women and teenagers. They are not a very expensive item and they are very trendy. It looks like you are wearing beautiful peacock feathers in your ears. In addition to feather earrings, feather headbands are also quite popular. You can get the band and feathers in a variety of colors and types of feathers. Sometimes they will be made with beads embroidered into them or little jewels.Big rings and dangling earrings are also popular accessories for the summer. You can go to stores like Charlotte Rousse, Forever Twenty-One, and Marshalls to accessorize for summer. You can find dangling earrings with different types of jewels and colors. Long earrings look better on some women than others. If you have long hair, the earrings may blend in well with your face, but on a woman with shorter hair, they may stand out too much and make your ears look huge.Big geometric and colorful necklaces are going to be popular this summer as well. This style of jewelry will only look good on certain women who can pull it off. If you are the adventurous type and are not scared to wear big jewelry, this would be a fashionable choice for you for this summer. Big bangle bracelets are popular now and will be worn this summer. You also have to be the type of person who could pull this off. When you wear a big piece of jewelry like this, the focus is mainly on the jewelry and less on the outfit. So remember to wear more simple clothing when wearing such big fashionable jewelry.Although these items may be popular and trendy for summer 2011, don’t be afraid to put accessories and clothing combinations together yourself. It is always fun to take a risk and buy jewelry that is unique that no one else has, or no one else would think of wearing. If you are more of the conservative type, you may just want to stick with the classy look of gold, pearls, and simple jewels. Big bangles may not exactly be your cup of tea. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your accessories.